Scope of services

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Construction of houses to open shell stage

  • foundation works – mainly formwork, reinforcement, pouring foundation footings, as well as foundation masonry, waterproofing foundations
  • construction works (walls and ceilings) – we offer masonry of various materials (mortar, glue, foam), stone masonry, wooden structures
  • roof – we make roofs, including truss and coverings with any material chosen by the Customer

Construction of houses to shell stage and core – renovation and construction services

We are able to perform a number of construction services, including:

  • window joinery
  • door joinery
  • electrical installations
  • water and sewage installations
  • thermal insulation of buildings (inside/outside)
  • reconstruction of buildings
  • adding extra rooms
  • painting
  • plastering
  • glaze
  • terracotta
  • assembly of sanitary fittings
  • plaster fittings (walls, bevels, suspended ceilings)
  • laying wooden floors, floor panels, composite terraces
  • demolishing walls and ceilings
  • forging plasters
  • apartment renovations
  • bathroom renovations
  • bedroom renovations
  • roof renovations
  • construction of swimming pools

And if this is not enough, we also provide services in the field of driving and operating a mini- excavator, hydraulic lifts, we are licensed to drive a forklift and construction crane.

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